17-19 November 2020 [email protected]

Health Management: realigning systems, contexts and players

European health systems are navigating through a period where challenges and opportunities have never been greater or starker. While public finances remain constrained, innovation in technology and evolution in therapeutic possibilities have reached unprecedented highs. And every day we get closer to full exploitation of opportunities given by big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.

At the same time, population dynamics are unstoppable, with sharp acceleration in chronic diseases, aging and frailty. In this perspective, we are collectively faced by the need to generate shared awareness, sense of urgency and visions for transformations and changes within health sectors, healthcare systems, organisations, and for role development of managers and clinical and professional leaders.



Federico LegaWe invite you to join experts from Europe and beyond at the EHMA 2020 Annual Conference. #EHMA2020 is held in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, and Erasmus Medical Centre.

The EHMA Annual Conference is the preeminent place for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders to share experiences, skills and competencies through interactive workshops and thought-provoking presentations.

#EHMA2020 will elevate the vision of health management by exploring new paradigms that improve the health industry.

The Conference will provide an in-depth discussion of new and emerging models for health services, governance systems, management practices, and tools to aid in the future of healthcare.

This year’s event is on track to be our largest ever conference, bringing together educators, researchers, managers, and health professionals from Europe and beyond. With an extensive and rich programme of events, we hope to see you among our attendees.

Federico Lega
President, and on behalf of the Board of EHMA

Key conference topics

Join us at #EHMA2020 where we will discuss key-topics in healthcare, including


What can you expect?

  • 400+ representatives of the healthcare community gathered in one place.
  • A Conference that combines scientific presentations, interactive discussions, workshops and keynotes.
  • Space to showcase know-how and R&D accomplishments.
  • Networking opportunities with industry, decision and policy makers, health service providers, health managers and many more.
  • Be part of the preeminent conference in health management and contribute to improving the delivery of healthcare.

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