Created in 2018, the UNIVANTS of healthcare excellence program began as a call to action for healthcare teams to UNIFY across traditional silos and mobilize data from the clinical laboratory in AVANTE-GARDE ways to achieve measurable value for patients, clinicians, payors and the entire health system. The prestigious global award program was created by Abbott in partnership with seven leading professional societies, institutions, and associations across healthcare disciplines with a common vision to inspire and celebrate healthcare excellence.

Recognized by the award are multi-disciplinary care teams, and representatives from the winning teams will be invited to share their stories and best practices at leading healthcare excellence forums. Additional opportunities for sharing the care projects and to encourage and motivate other teams are available during webinars and symposia.

In 2019, the award program’s inaugural year, twelve integrated clinical care best practices were recognized. 

The latter included 3 global winners, 7 sites of distinction and 2 sites of achievement.   Recognition events were hosted locally for the global winners and their teams to celebrate the best practice and their achievements made possible through teamwork, partnerships, and trust.

To date, the program reach has been in the millions of professionals across 138 countries, with tens of thousands of users actively engaged on the online program website.  More than 75 articles have summarized the care initiatives from the winning teams inspiring other teams to follow the best practices and improve healthcare across the globe.

The 2020 award cycle closed end of August and the partner organizations of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program are currently evaluating all 2020 submissions. New opportunities in 2020 have also opened for the participating care teams. In addition to the prestigious honors described above, the top winning teams of each region will also be eligible to win in these additional categories

  • Best of Asia Pac
  • Best of Europe
  • Best of Latin America
  • Best of Middle East & Africa
  • Best of North America

Stay tuned, in November the 2020 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence global and regional winning teams and their integrated clinical care best practices will be announced.