17-19 November 2020 [email protected]
Reducing Patient Risk and Enhancing Care through the Development and Implementation of a New Chest Pain Pathway, Expedited by and for the COVID-19 Era – Canterbury District Health Board
Early Diagnosis and Improved Management of Patients with Diabetes through Strategic and Automated Test Algorithms via Primary Care  – Hospital Universitari Sant Joan d’Alacant

University of Manitoba, Chronic Disease Innovation Centre at Seven Oaks Hospital

Reducing Catastrophic Adverse Events in Patients with Hemorrhagic Shock through Early Recognition of Risk and System-Wide Automatic Alerts

Use of Faecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) Unlocks the Door to Efficient and Effective Investigation of Patients with New Bowel Symptoms

Novel Collaborative Approach among Public and Private Sectors for Streamlined SARS-CoV-2 Testing towards Optimized Patient Outcome during COVID-19 Pandemic

Improving Care and Overall Experience for Patients who Present to a Tanzania Clinic with Suspected Cardiovascular Diseases 
Reduction of Inpatient Daily Blood Draws with Data Science and Clinical Collaboration