Every day we struggle to reach higher goals, to do more and better than the day before. It is easy to get caught in a vicious circle of continuous unsatisfaction, which may lead to stress and anxiety, also exacerbated by the current pandemic. Yoga practice can help. On a deeper level, yoga can change your life, vision and thoughts simply enjoying every single breath and step along the journey.

To help you start the day relaxed and full of positive energy, EHMA is pleased to partner up with Yoga with G to offer our #EHMA2020 attendees with two morning sessions of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. On Wednesday, 18 and Thursday, 19 November at 7.45 am join Giulia, our yoga instructor, for a yoga practice for everyone, beginner or already experienced yogi.

Get your mat, wear something comfortable and join the yoga session of your liking. On Wednesday, Hatha Yoga will focus on breathing to relax and reinforce your back, and to create new spaces in your body and mind. The practice of Vinyasa yoga – taking place on Thursday – is a gentle flow to unlock knots in your body and mind, become fluid and adaptable to new changes and daily challenges.

Our Yoga instructor is Giulia, coming from Italy and connecting people through Yoga all over the world. Giulia started practicing Yoga 10 years ago and it gave her a place to feel home and safe everywhere. This is why she decided to found Yoga with G., which is not just a platform for practising, but a community to share positive energy and grow along the way.